Crossfire Philippines PaoMian Hax Free Trial

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CrossFire: is an online tactical first-person shooter for Microsoft Windows developed by Smilegate Entertainment. The game was released in China by Tencent Games, with the company also acting as the exclusive agent service company. The tests for its software bugs were started publicly in April 2008.

Hack Status
Status: Free Trial Ended
Developed By: Paomian
Last Updated: August 05, 2023

Hack Features
Draw CrossHair
CrossHair Type
Wall Hack
Draw Box
Box Type
Draw Line
Line Type
Draw Skeleton
Show Name
Show Health
Draw HPBar
Show Distance
Show Weapon
Show C4
Set ESP Color
Dropped Weapon ESP
Dropped Weapon Box
Dropped Weapon Skeleton
Grenade ESP
Grenade Box
Grenade Skeleton
Battle Royale Weapon ESP
Remote Kill
Aimbot_MouseMove Speed
Aimbot key
Aim Fov
Draw Aim Fov
Aim Bone
Aim Bone Randomly
Visible Check
Auto Shot
Draw Aim Target Line
Aim At Teammate
Enable Teleport
Check Spawn
Teleport Position
HVH Improved functions
Remote Kill all enemies(Only for gun)
Fast Config Rank PVP
Hit Box
Always Headshot
Super Kill
Super Kill ZM
Perfect No Recoil
No Fire Delay
Fast Sniper Pistol
Fast Fire
Fast AK GunKnife
BigShot Knife
Fast Switch
Fast Reaload
Fast Knife Old
Add Knife Attack
Anti Flash
Anti Boom
Anti KnockBack
Remove Shot Effect
No Bug Damage
No Fall Damage
Teleport To Enemy
Location Teleport
Fast Plant C4
Fast Defuse C4
Long Defuse C4
Unlimited Bag
Change ViewPort
Fast Walk
Shift Speed
Copy Weapon
Fast Throw
Free NanoHook
Auto Bullet Supply
Absorb Dead Mutation
Set Mutation(H Key)
Fly Hack
Unlimited Jump
Auto Bunny
Super Man
No Gravity Fly
Walk Into Wall
Under Map
Draw Box ZM
Draw Skeleton ZM
Show Distance ZM
Draw line ZM
Show Health ZM
Show HpBar ZM
Remote Kill ZM
AimBot ZM
Aim Bone ZM
Auto Shot ZM
PVE Monter Teleport
Auto Start Game
Auto Start RankZM
Anti Afk
Auto Kill ZM(Mini)
Killer Setting
Set Damage
Anti error when set high damage
Boss one hit kill
Force Keep Main Weapon
Animation Hack
Anti Animation Hack
Fake Ping
Disable Change Room Name
Show Kicking Message
Drop Room when kicked(Kicked Out)
I Do Not Provide Link With Keylogger Please Always Check On The Virustotal Before using It Thank You.
Use Your Dummy Account First.We are not responsible if your account got Banned. Use At Your Own Risk.
Extract Your Downloaded Zip File To Desktop
Open Your Extracted Zip File Folder 
Run As Administrator The "Paomian Hax 230609.exe"
Cancel The Showing Popup Message
Click "Register" Tab Then Create Your "User" & "Pass"
When You Done Click "Login" Tab Enter Your Created Account
You Will Received A Free Hours
Then "Play Crossfire PH"
Press "Insert" To Show And Hide The Menu
Use Your "Mouse Click" To On And Off The Function
Download Now
File Name: PaoMianHax Crossfire PH 230609 Free Trial Vip Hack Cheat I File Size: 37.1MB I File Type: Zip File
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  1. Cannot run under a virtual machine. paano po ito?

  2. pwede pa kaya tong ngaun d ko kse nakita kagabi

    1. try mo gawa kalang account tapos login mo na pag user time expired ibig sabihin tapos na.

    2. kailan ulit may free hours? user time expired na ngayon eh

  3. nag sstopped working yung patcher_cf, pano to bos

  4. i just download but it say expired user time expired

  5. hindi na pwede pag dati ka ng gumamit ng trial ? kasi nag user time expired agad

  6. Hi Admin! ano po nangyari sa discord server natin? Pajoin po ako ulet kung meron, subscriber po ako ng Paomian

  7. Happy birthday to developer, PaoMian Strat free to use mode, register new account will auto receive time.

  8. Me to User time expires kahit hindi paginamit

  9. Replies
    1. sa ngayon hindi pa busy pa kasi pero may discord ako sali ka dyan hanap ka nalang legit. Maraming nagbebenta dyan

  10. boss mag pa free trial ulit kayo hahaha cheat na cheat nako e wala ksi ako pera pangbili ng mga cheat hahaha tyty

  11. We start temporarily free to use, register new paomian account will auto receive time, Tell your friend to enjoy it.

  12. Halaaa sayang ngayun ko lng nakita
    sana may pang May24 po huhuhuu

  13. Hi admin can you fix this user time expired

  14. bat ganon ayaw gumana user time expired kahit kakagawa lang pati kahit nag vpn nako ayaw parin

  15. User time expired, which means the free trial ended. Better luck next time.

  16. Sayaanngggg, di ako naka abot kaka uwi ko lng galing resort..
    kala ko whole day yang cheat tas pag gagamitin na dun pa mag sisimula 5hrs trial ko.
    Sayangg nmn, when mo kayo ulit mag bebenta ng premium cheat?
    Mag aavail sana ako.
    Pero sana magamit ko muna 5hrs trial para ma try ko kong worth it ba.

    May 25 pleaseee bukass.
    Ano po exact time na mag up-update ng cheat?,para ma abangan ko nalng

  17. We start in free to use mode; registering a new Paomian account will automatically receive time. As Of June 09, 2023 7:11 PM

  18. sana hindi ma expired idol para maka legend na ako idol

  19. wala pa bang free time boss thanks hehe

  20. kaylan next free neto lods?? di kasi ako na a update pag may free trial. gaya nung june 9, june 10 ko na nakita na may free 5hours pala

  21. wala pa bang free lods?? pa notify naman ako kung meron free

  22. kala ko kada 1 month may free bka bukas p yan

  23. We start free-to-use mode now. Registering a new Paomian account will automatically receive time.Tell your friend to use it now.

    1. lods bakit ayaw mag open ng crossfire ko?? reply naman asap

    2. ayaw gumana sa windows 11 lods. ayaw mag open ng crossfire ko

    3. lods pa reply naman. asap. need ko talaga malaman kung bakit ayaw mag open ng crossfire ko pag nag inject successfully na yung cheat

  24. 64 bit windows 11 sir bakit ayaw mag open ng crossfire ko pag nag success inject na?? any help naman po

  25. Bakit walang menu na lumabas complete requirements naman ako

  26. We start free to use mode now, register new
    paomian account will auto receive time.Tell your friend to use it now.

  27. bossing bakit di ako maka log in?? nag register naman ako pero wala parin eh

  28. kasi gusto kona po tapusin zamode aombie map ko ehhh sana may free trial na po