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Crossfire Philippines Skyht No Menu Cheat

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CrossFire: is an online tactical first-person shooter for Microsoft Windows developed by Smilegate Entertainment. The game was released in China by Tencent Games, with the company also acting as the exclusive agent service company. The tests for its software bugs were started publicly in April 2008.

Hack Status
Status: Outdated
Developed By: Skyht VN
Last Updated: September 25, 2021

Hack Features
Ctrl F1: Off Superkill
Ctrl F2: X0.1
Ctrl F3: X0.2
Ctrl F4: X0.4
Ctrl F5: X0.6
Ctrl F6: X0.8
Ctrl F7: X1.5
Ctrl F8: X2
Ctrl F9: X3
Ctrl F10: X4
Ctrl F11: X5
Ctrl F12: X6
No Recoil
CTRL + F1: Off No Recoil
CTRL + F2: On No Recoil
CTRL + F3: Off Auto Bunnyhop
CTRL + F4: On Auto Bunnyhop
Anti Smoke
CTRL + F9: Off Anti Smoke
CTRL + F10: On Anti Smoke
No Bug Damage
CTRL + F11: Off No Bug Damage
CTRL + F12: On No Bug Damage
Zombie Bug Item
Bug Zombie, buy 1 item skin at Mileage shop
I Do Not Provide Link With Keylogger Please Always Check On The Virustotal Before using It Thank You.
Use Your Dummy Account First.We are not responsible if your account got Banned. Use At Your Own Risk.
Extract Your Downloaded Zip File To Desktop
Open Your Extracted Zip File Folder
Right Click Crossfire PH Icon Then Select "Open File Location"
Copy & Paste "Loader Skyht xYz.exe" To Crossfire PH Folder
Run As Administrator The "Loader Skyht xYz.exe"
Finish Two(2) Activation Ads
Crossfire PH Will Run Automatically
Press "Insert" To Show And Hide The Menu
Use Your "Mouse Click" To On And Off The Function
NOTE: Enable the SuperKill Function to increase the hit rate in the lobby before entering the match.
Type SuperKill Turn On Before The Game (Loại tỉ lệ trúng đạn xin hãy bật trước khi vào trận đấu)
CTRL + F5: Super Kill (Tăng tỉ lệ cả thân cả đầu)
CTRL + F6: Headshot GOLD (Tỉ lệ headshot vàng cao)
CTRL + F7: Headshot RED (Tỉ lệ headshot đỏ cao)

Scale option SuperKill Turn On Before The Game (Tùy chọn tỉ lệ xin hãy bật trước khi vào trận đấu)
ALT + F1: OFF SuperKill (Tắt tỉ lệ, trở về tỉ lệ nhà sản xuất)
ALT + F2: x0.1
ALT + F3: x0.2
ALT + F4: x0.4
ALT + F5: x0.6
ALT + F6: x0.8
ALT + F7: x1.5
ALT + F8: x2
ALT + F9: x3
ALT + F10: x4
ALT + F11: x5
ALT + F12: x6

No Recoil (Không giật)
CTRL + F1: OFF Recoil (Tắt không giật)
CTRL + F2: ON Recoil (Bật không giật)

Buuny HOP (Nhấn giữ nút nhảy để tự đổng nhảy theo nhịp)
CTRL + F3: OFF Bunny (Tắt tự động Bunny)
CTRL + F4: ON Bunny (Bật tự động Bunny)

Anti Smoke (Chống khói)
CTRL + F9: OFF (Tắt)
CTRL + F10: ON (Bật

Fall No Damager (Té không mất máu)
CTRL + F11: OFF (Tắt)
CTRL + F12: ON (Bật

How Auto-On Function (Các chức năng tự động mở)
1, Unlock All Mutants With Any Skin (Mở khóa toàn bộ 6 trang phục ZOMBIE khi có 1 / 6 zombie trong kho đồ, có thể mua zombie "KẺ HỦY DIỆT" ở điểm tích lũy để mở toàn bộ)
2, Bug No Damager (Khi bạn bug vào góc lag sẽ không bị CHẾT)
Download Here
File Name: Skyht No Menu Crossfire PH Cheat I File Size: 305.23KB I File Type: Zip File
Download Here
File Name: Skyht No Menu Crossfire PH Cheat I File Size: 305.23KB I File Type: Zip File


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Crossfire Philippines Cheats

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  2. sinira lang nya ung cf! kahit na delete ko n ung loader gumagana p rin laging dc. reinstall nnman ng cf bwisit kayo!

    1. bobo dedelete mo lang yung file di mo na kailangan ireinstall walang utak

    2. Bugok k pla e ganon nman tlga ginawa ko. Bakit papahirapan ko sarili ko kung di nman nagka problema? Magisip kadin bobo!wala ka magagawa kung magkaiba case ng pc ko sa pc mo. Wala ka atang utak?

    3. Masyado ka nag mamahaling. Ano sabi mo delete ko lang ung nilgay ko? Tignan mo ung instruction hindi lang ung loader ang dapat ma delete. Di mo nga rin alam un e nagmamagalaing ka lang!

  3. hindi parin nawawala cheat kahit restart ko pa

  4. dami reklamo nung iba mga bobo kase cheater na nga kayo bobo pa kayo sa computer

  5. Saan pwede mag avail ng Updated na Cheat? ASAP po sana


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